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Assignment #1-Spying on a drive-through ATM

January 26, 2010

My first mission was to observe people using a piece of interactive technology in public. I choose a drive-through ATM and camped out, very spy-like, in a parked car across the way. Most of the transactions took a couple of minutes, except for an older lady that took her time counting her money and situating herself. The easiest part for these people was pushing the buttons on the screen. The hardest part for them was getting in a position to actually reach the screen. You see, this ATM did not move up and down (like the drive-through ATM down the street does) so the drivers, depending on their type of car, had to reach up or down in order to use it. The first old lady actually pulled up and felt more comfortable getting out of her car in order to make the transaction.

In the book ‘Emotional Design’, Norman said that attractive things work better. Well I wouldn’t call the ATM very attractive. However, it might seem more attractive to the end user if it automatically adjusted to the height and reach of the driver.


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January 21, 2010

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